Howlaak Falls, Deschutes County, Oregon ,USA

Howlaak Falls ( Park Creek Falls ) is Located in Deschutes County, Oregon ,USA

While it's possible there may be smaller falls between the mouth of Park Creek and this waterfall, this is the first major waterfall along Park Creek - and the only one marked on the topo maps. Here, the creek zigzags through a scenic canyon before sheeting out and veiling some 70 feet into a deeper, though less rugged section of the canyon. The most remarkable feature here is the sheer size of the falls; the width of the falls nearly doubles - reaching possibly 100 feet wide at the base of the falls. You can see this drainage with Oregon waterfall hunter Todd Singleton, and when you first located the falls, you will looking over the brink, where a large rooster tail - shooting out maybe 15 feet from the cliff - was noticeable. From the base, this rooster tail becomes quite insignificant, dwarfed by the immense size of the falls. The one downside to this waterfall, however, is that it's one of the hardest in the area to view. Trees obscure the falls from the north canyon rim, and the orientation of the falls prevents any views from the south rim, so scrambling down the steep, crumbly slopes to the canyon floor is necessary to see the falls completely.

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