Hagoromono Falls, Kamikawa District ,Hokkaido, Japan

Address -: Hagoromono Falls ,Daisetsuzan National Park,  Kamikawa District ,Hokkaido, Japan

If you go 600m inland from the hot spring village, you can see Tenninkyo’s most spectacular sight: Hagoromo Falls. This waterfall, designated as a Hokkaido cultural asset,Hagoromo Waterfall (Hagoromo Falls or "Angel's Robe Falls") sat on the western side of Daisetsuzan National Park in the Tenninkyo Gorge. This one was said to drop some 270m approx in multiple steps comprised of sheets of water giving it the appearance of an angel's robe as the kanji translation seemed to suggest. , seven-step cliff resembles the Hagoromo-no-Mai (Angel’s Dance), in which an angel dances with her feathered clothing fluttering. A legend says that an angel descended from this waterfall and blessed Higashikawa with this abundant water to grow rice.
From the Hokkaido Expressway in Asahikawa, exit onto Rt 37 and proceed 13km to Rt 1160 and turn left. Route 1160 will eventually turn into Route 213, which will end 19km from Asahikawa at the small parking area at Tenninkyo. The falls are reached via an easy walk of about half of a kilometer.

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