Giant Gate Falls ,Fiordland ,New Zealand

Address -: Giant Gate Falls ,Fiordland, South Island, New Zealand 

A stunning day hike to the Giant Gate Falls – starting from Sandfly Point, walking inland to the Giant Gate Falls. This stunning hike will give you a first hand taste of the Milford Track’s beauty, while giving you enough time to take a cruise of Milford Sound too. It’s an incredible way to get those Milford Track bragging rights, even when you don’t have time or the fitness to complete the trail in its entirety.
The section you chose to include, from Sandfly Point to Giant Gate Falls is a great opportunity to get a taste for the absolutely breath taking natural beauty of Fiordland National Park, and the Milford Track.
From Sandfly Point you’ll follow the Arthur River upstream, initially on its true left, amongst thick forest, and surrounded by a multitude of different fern species. The track is punctuated by wooden bridges and walkways; you’ll cross the river and subsequent side streams as you continue towards the falls.
The Department of Conservation rangers regularly walk the track to maintain it and keep it safe for hikers, but it’s not uncommon to find an obstacle to step over, or duck under, in an environment that is always changing.
After an hour or so of gentle walking you’ll reach Lake Ada, and shortly afterwards, step out of the forest onto a swing bridge, the perfect vantage point to appreciate the Giant Gate Falls. The cobalt blue colour of the plunge pool, and outflow is a stark contrast to the green of the forest you’ve been walking through. The power and noise of the water is a something to behold, and it’s a rite of passage to have your photo taken on the bridge above the water.
The Giant Gate Falls walk takes you into true Fiordland wilderness, amongst vast areas of virgin forest. To be able to access such pure nature with only a short walk makes this a special trip, and one you won’t soon forget.
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