Fundao waterfall ,Minas Gerais, Brazil

Address -: Fundao waterfall ,Sao Roque de Minas ,Minas Gerais,Brazil

Cundaeira do Fundao, is located in Serra da Canastra in a private area 52 km from Sao Roque de Minas. The clear waters of the Santo Antonio River plunge from a height of 80 meters directly into a natural pool. It has a cave next to it, formed in the paredoes of the waterfall that serves as shelter for migratory swallows.
The biggest attraction is the National Park of Serra da Canastra, created in 1972 to protect the sources of the São Francisco river and that has the main porter to 8 km of São Roque de Minas. Inside the National Park are some of the most beautiful postcards in Brazil.
The difficulty of access is one of the reasons that make the Waterfall of Fundão a place still well preserved. To get there, drive for 46 km on the main road of the National Park and enter to the right on a straight line indicated by a stone signaling the direction of the waterfall. Continue on the indicated road until you reach the fourth gate. From there, park the car and follow a 1,700-meter trail. There is a visitation fee to be paid to the property owner.

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