Father's Hole waterfall, Itaiacoca ,PR, Brazil

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Father's Hole waterfall ,Peri Pereira Costa. Sector Cercadinho ,Itaiacoca , Ponta Grossa ,PR, Brazil

The Padre's Hole (Father's Hole)  is a kind of cave that has in its interior a beautiful waterfall of more than 30 meters, that plunges next to the light that enters by a single hole in the ceiling.
It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Paraná  and in a rather crude way, it is possible to compare the Hole of Padre to the Mexican Cenotes, so you have an idea of ​​the formation.
The name of the place is linked to the history of the Jesuit Fathers who meditated there. The Padre's Hole is a cave that presents in its interior an imposing waterfall of 30m, formed by the Broken River Perna. It is a kind of underground amphitheater. For access to the cave it is necessary to walk a trail of 1km on foot with the presence of natural obstacles. Access is easy  and its main trail has recently been re-allocated, allowing wheelchairs and people with limited mobility to reach the cave.
       It is located in the Itaiacoca Region and is a Conservation Unit, it is not allowed to camp in this enclosure. In 2005, it became part of the so-called Campos Gerais National Park. 
Access to the site takes place on the Talco Highway (PR 513) km 14. From the UEPG Uvaranas Campus, drive 16 km and turn right on an unpaved road. After 6 km you should turn left to access the Padre's Hole. 
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