Estiva Waterfall ,Franceses,Minas Gerais ,Brazil

Address -: Estiva Waterfall ,Franceses, in Carvalho, South of Minas Gerais ,Brazil

The Estiva Waterfall is in the village of Franceses, in Carvalho, in the south of Minas Gerais. Famous for its trails and waterfalls like the Funil, the French and the Prainha, but the most famous and visited is the Estiva with a drop of 70 meters, forming a well of cold and crystal clear water. Ideal place for a picnic, rest in family and relax, amidst a vast and beautiful natural landscape.
They are breathtaking and relaxing landscapes. Ideal for you to simply sit and not think about anything . Or, gather friends for a picnic in the middle of nature. The camping can also be an excellent practice, especially in the Estiva waterfall, which already has a structure that facilitates the assembly of tents.

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