El Hacha waterfall, Canaima Lagoon, Bolivar,Venezuela

Address -: El Hacha waterfall,  Canaima Lagoon ,Canaima National Park, Bolivar State ,Venezuela

 El Hacha waterfall (Salto Hacha) is the most famous waterfall in Venezuela. Generally overshadowed by nearby Angel Falls, the world’s largest waterfall, Salto Hacha often first appears to visitors as a side stop on an itinerary headed toward the big show. Despite its more humble reputation, Salto Hacha is a unique and unforgettable location with much to offer those adventurous enough to seek it and making the falls one of the more popular Waterfalls of South America.
The flight to Canaima is in itself a fantastic experience, due to the unique landscape of the Gran Sabana: shimmering rivers slithering through the green savannah, deep blue lakes and dark table top mountains, navigating like battle ships on the Guayana plateau. The park comprises Canaima and the northwestern region of the Gran Sabana, an endless, magnificent landscape of table top mountains, waterfalls and tropical vegetation.
Located in the world famous Canaima National Park Lagoon, inside of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Canaima National Park, Salto Hacha is part of a large natural reserve with unique flora, animal life and one-of-a-kind rock formations. While visiting Salto Hacha, visitors may be lucky enough to spot monkeys, giant anteaters, three-toed sloths, jagurs and poison arrow frogs in addition to hundreds of species of orchids and other exotic fauna.

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