Drizzle Falls, Ciudad Guayana, Bolívar, Venezuela

Address -: Drizzle Falls ,Parque La Llovizna, Ciudad Guayana, Bolívar, Venezuela

Llovizna falls (Drizzle Falls) is a waterfall on the Caroní River, close to its confluence with the Orinoco, are located in the Llovizna Park, Puerto OrdazVenezuela. The nearby Macagua Dam has reduced the flow over the waterfall in recent years, but the cascade continues to be spectacular and returns to its former glory several times a year when the floodgates of the dam are opened.
Llovizna waterfalls (Drizzle Falls) falls on ancient and hard rocks of the Precambrian (with more than 3.500 million years) forming a powerful whirlpool of water and foam. The refreshing cloud of water spray that comes off the waterfall constantly, and moistens the faces of those who visit it, is what gave it its name and also the entire park.
Located in Ciudad Guayana, in the north of Bolívar State, the La Llovizna Park shelters the charm of a numerous group of small densely wooded islands that stand in the middle of the roar of the mighty Caroní, the second largest river in Venezuela. Between these islands, which are connected to each other by numerous bridges, paved roads and natural paths, an intricate network of jumps and rapids has been formed; some no more than placid streams, others, steep gorges through which the waters rage beneath the bridges.
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