Dona Juana Waterfall, Puerto Rico, USA

Address -: Doña Juana Waterfall ,PR-149, Villalba, Orocovis, Puerto Rico Island ,USA

Waterfalls are fascinating — they are beautiful, powerful and natural. With a mountain range (the Cordillera Central) that runs through the middle of the Puerto Rico, we get a lot of rain that falls on those peaks, resulting in a number of waterfalls across the island. Many of them require hiking in forests and wading rivers to get to see them. But Dona Juana Waterfall is right along the road. How much easier can it get?
Dona Juana Waterfall it is a beauty! Called a number of different things by the locals (saltocharro or cascada), Dona Juana is probably the largest waterfall you have seen in Puerto Rico. If you have to guess, you will say it is about 100 feet tall approx. from the top. It’s actually composed of a series of 3 waterfalls.

It is, however, located along a small road, but not very busy. Some people do go inside the water below the waterfall, There is a pool at the bottom of the falls where people swim,but you have to climb down on either the right or left-hand side of the bridge. Water was pretty clean and clear.But it is rough terrain to get down there and back up.
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