Dabbe Falls ,Hosagadde ,Sagar taluk, Karnataka state, India

Dabbe Falls (also known as Kepjogais) a waterfall located near Hosagadde in Sagar taluk, Karnataka state, India. Height of the falls is 110 metres. One can take guide from Muppane nature camp which is 10km away from Dabbe Falls.It located at Sagar to Bhatkal route(35km from sagar),near railway station is Talguppa.
Dabbe falls are naturally cascading falls that offer an enchanting view to visitors. Being a part of the Sharavati Valley of the lush green Western Ghats the waterfall is surrounded by a landscape of pristine beauty. The sound of the water as it gushes down the rocks in a steep descent and the resplendent atmosphere are hard to forget for anyone who visits the Dabbe Falls.
Dabbe Falls are a delight for any nature lover. The obvious reasons are the wide expanse of greenery surrounding the waterfall due to the mountains of the Western Ghats, a trail through a dense forest to reach the waterfall, an unpolluted environment that is tucked far away from the noise and pollution of city life and the steep fall of water that descends with great velocity before it calms down to flow quietly.
The waterfall can be reached only by trekking through the dense forest. The trek covers a distance of about 7 to 9 km. The trail is as beautiful as it is challenging. The last 1km of the trek is especially challenging as the trail is a descent that is inclined to almost 80 degrees at some places and there are no proper steps or stairs to place the foot on while negotiating the risky path. The branches and roots of trees and the rocks are the only help available in that part of the trek.
One thing to note is that before starting on this final part of the trek visitors have to pass through some vegetable farms with a small house nearby. Visitors wishing to trek to the waterfall are required to put down their names and details in a record book that is kept with the owner of the house. The record book is provided by the forest department.
The officers of the forest department want to keep track of all the visitors who venture down to the waterfall. In case anybody fails to return from the waterfall the forest department will be informed and then further action will be taken to find out the person. The downhill trek takes about 30 to 45 minutes to reach, depending on the expertise of the trekkers. However, the amazing sight of the waterfall makes the effort worth it.

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