Chunchi Falls ,Kanakapura ,Karnataka ,India

Address -: Chunchi Falls ,Kanakapura, Ramanagara ,Karnataka ,India

Chunchi Falls is located in Kanakapura in Ramanagara district in Karnataka State .Water drops from a height of about 100 feet through multiple tiers into a small pool creating a swimming pool with running water.
( donot dare to swim)
It's a natural and beautiful place, 80km from Bangalore city. Route starts from Bangalore- Kanakapura road. When reached in Kanakapura follow through Kanakapura-Sangam road. In the middle of Kanakapura Sangam road we can see the entrance road to chunchi falls, from that entrance the road is bad of gutters.

The people having own vehicle can visit this place easily. Very few KSRTC(Karnataka) buses also doing services. Rainy weekend holidays are the best time to visit this fall, other than the rainy season it's very difficult to find out water but we can enjoy the natural beauty. In holidays there will be some shops in the spot. 

Best time to visit -: Rainy season

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