Cariocas Waterfall ,Sao Jorge ,Goias ,Brazil

Address -: Cariocas Waterfall  ,Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park ,Village São Jorge ,Goias ,Brazil

The waterfall with the largest volume of water among those visited is another of the Rio Preto falls. It's beautiful and scary at the same time. They are only 20 meters high, but the heavy clouds threatening rain along with the proximity gave the dramatic tone to the landscape. Access is easy, however, long and slippery in the final stretch leading to the well.
The park entrance is located in the district of São Jorge, 36 km from Alto Paraíso de Goiás.
Leaving Brasilia, you must travel 260 km to the entrance of the Park. Take the BR-020 towards Formosa-GO. In the clover, take the BR-010, direction Alto Paraíso.
After crossing DF's border with Goiás, the BR-010 is renamed GO-118. Arriving at Alto Paraíso, turn left in the direction of São Jorge and follow the GO-239 for about 22 km of asphalt road and 14 km on dirt road.
From São Jorge to the entrance of the Park are about 1 km, which you can go walking or cycling. The most advisable is to leave the car in São Jorge.
Arriving there, to make the Trail of the Canyons and visit the Cariocas Waterfall, it is obligatory to hire a local guide.
You can do swimming also
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