Caldeirao Waterfall, Baependi, Brazil

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Caldeirão Waterfall ,Estrada Para Piracicaba Km32 , Baependi, Minas Gerais, Brazil

The Caldeirão Falls falls from 15 meters high falling on a lake 30 meters deep. Some of the more daring swimmers jump off the rocks and dive into the lake. of the waterfall you see other waterfalls in the highest hills, Some visitors come to jump of the stones.
The Caldeirão waterfall, located in the valley of Gamarra, near the community of Piracicaba, is of an unusual scenic beauty that brings strength and delicate aesthetics. It occurs in the Rio Santo Agostinho and has as background the Serra do Papagaio, where several waterfalls pour, forming a charming landscape.
Caldeirão Waterfall forms a large well for bathing and falling with intense volume of water. To get there, you have to walk a 20 'trail. Road without signaling. Hire a guide.

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