Bone Jump Waterfall, Bolivar, Venezuela

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Bone Jump Waterfall or Salto Hueso, Karuay River ,Canaima National Park, Gran Sabana, Bolivar ,Venezuela

Bone jump (also spelled jump EPOPA ) is the name of a cascade or waterfall located in the Karuay River in the Eastern sector of the protected area called Canaima National Park in southeastern Peru South American of Venezuela . Although its fall is small, it stands out due to the vegetation and the wells that form in its surroundings. Administratively it is part of the Municipality Gran Sabana southeast of Bolívar StateIt is accessible via land and waterway through curiaras (type of local boat). 
One of the most emblematic waterfalls of the ancentral traditions, which are located in the eastern sector of the Canaima National Park, is the Salto Hueso or Epöpa Merú, which owes its name to that according to the natives, at the bottom of its waters there is a great quantity of bones, as a consequence of the strong current that precedes the fall that did not allow the access of strangers to the lands of the Arekunas. 
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