Boca da Onca waterfall , Bodoquena ,MS, Brazil

Address -: Boca da Onca waterfall , Rodovia MS 178, Bodoquena ,MS,

With 157 meters, Boca da Onça waterfall, located in Bonito, is the highest 
waterfall in the whole state of Mato Grosso do Sul. A 4 km trail is used as its
 access route, which encompasses a total of 10 waterfalls (only 3 of these are
 actually good for a bath).
Located over 34 Km from Bodoquena-MS and over 55 Km from Bonito-MS, the 
trekking with waterfalls Boca da Onça tour starts at 3.500m far from the reception
 house until the point where begins the 4.000m trek inside the forest along the
 Rio Salobra.
The visitor would have the opportunity to visit over eight waterfalls and have four
 available points for swimming; one of the main points is the Cachoeira da Boca 
da Onça which is the principal waterfall of the tour and the highest waterfall in
 Mato Grosso do Sul. During the trek the tourist will find 800 wood stairs that are
 possible to realize at the beginning or at the ending of the tour, it depends on
 the starting point of the tour; at the middle of the tour there are a support kiosk
 with bar and toilets.
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