Binangawan Falls ,Camiguin, Philippines

Address -: Binangawan Falls ,Sagay, Camiguin, Philippines 

Binangawan Falls is a one-of-a-kind falls in the heart of the a dense forest situated in the highlands of Sagay CamiguinAt 15m or so this is the shortest of the falls on Camiguin and one of the most difficult to reach. The falls got its name from the Bisayan word for rainbows "bangaw." Binangawan literally translates to "rainbowed"; thus making it a "Rainbowed Falls." And this not far from the truth. Binangawan is so named because of the rainbow that forms when the sunlight hits the gushing ice-cold water. You can go on your own or with a guide arranged through your accommodation. Do not try this hike during or soon after rain the road and path can get extremely slippery and treacherous. Landslides up here aren't uncommon.

Coming from the west, the turn-off for Binangawan is just past the Sagay National High School from here it’s another 9km or so uphill until the road splits; veer left (a sign marks the way). Most motorbikes can make it with no problem, though it's extremely steep the last several kilometres.The path starts opposite a small concrete building. There's a gap with a several steps hacked out of the sand. After about 50m there's a clearly visible trail on the right side. When you reach a water installation (big tank with a couple of pipes), the trail to the left goes steeply down to the lower falls and the right gradually to the upper falls (can take a strong hiker over 2 hours to reach the latter).
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