Bicame waterfall ,Minas Gerais ,Brazil

Address -: Bicame waterfall ,Lapinha da Serra ,Minas Gerais ,Brazil

The Bicame Waterfall is located in the Ermos das Gerais RPPN area, distant approximately 15 km from the Lapinha village,(The village is surrounded by beautiful mountains and on the edge of a wonderful dam. Lapinha is a district of the municipality of Santana do Riacho and is well known for its waterfalls and its very different accent.) in the municipality of Santana do Riacho, a town in the Serra do Espinha├žo, central region of the State of Minas Gerais. Formed by the waters of the Rio de Pedras, the Bicame Waterfall has a pair of falls of approximately 25 meters, which result in a beautiful well of copper water, quite deep in some points, inviting for good dives and baths. In addition, the slight curvature of the waterfall wall and the presence of stones allow the visitor a walk behind the waterfall, this experience is wonderfull.

It has 4x4 access but only one person does, besides being charged a high value. Believe! The walk is worth the beauty of the way! You leave the car on a small farm, at the first gate and follow the foot or 4x4, for about 6 km, which goes to the entrance of the property, about 4 km still from the waterfall, hence the access is made only after or By bike, 4x4 or bikes are not allowed. No charge for the waterfall.

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