Bandokoro Waterfall ,Norikura Highlands, Nagano, Japan

Bandokoro Great Falls is one of three major waterfalls of Mt. Norikura. It is 40m high and 11m wide waterfalls. Because of its beautiful view, it is designated as the special view of Matsumoto. This waterfalls is made from the lava of Mt. Norikura. The thickness of the lava around this place reaches 60m. 
Norikura highland is on the eastern slope of Mount Norikura.
It is located about 30-40 km west-southwest of Matsumoto city and about 15 km south of Kamikochi.
Mount Norikura is the mountain in the southern part of Northern Alps.
It has 23 peaks, and the highest peak is Kengamine (3,026 m). Most of the other peaks are 2,500-3,000 meters high.
It is an active volcano, but the last eruption was about 2,000 years ago. Now this volcano is quite tranquil.
Norikura highland was formed by the lava flow of Mount Norikura,
The altitude is about 1,100-1,800 meters.
There is Norikura-kogen resort town at the level of about 1,600 meters, and there are some hotels and a few ski areas.
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