Yudaki Falls ,Tochigi, Japan

Address -: Yudaki Falls ,Yumoto, Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture , Japan

Visitors will find the roaring sound and the water tumbling down to form a fan-shaped waterfall, to be most impressive. 
Observatory deck at the basin of the falls
Yu Falls are 70 meters high and 110 meters long. The falls are created by water flowing over the rock wall of lava flow from Mt. Mitake which dammed up water and created Lake Yunoko. Approx. 50 minutes from Kiyotaki IC, Nikko-Utsunomiya Road by car .
and by bus JR Nikko Station or Tobu-Nikko Station→ Bus for Yumoto Onsen (70 minute ride)→Yutaki Iriguchi bus stop→ 3 to 5 minutes on foot.

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