Watson Falls ,Watson Creek ,Douglas, Oregon ,USA

Address -:Watson Falls ,Watson Creek ,Douglas County, Oregon ,USA

Watson Falls is a 272-foot (83 m) waterfall on Watson Creek, a tributary of the Clearwater River, in Douglas County in the U.S. state of Oregon. It is located at an elevation of 3,353 feet (1,022 m).
Watson Falls hurtles over a cathedral amphitheater wall of basalt, crashing into a long talus slope covered in moss and vine maple. At 272 feet, Watson Falls is the 3rd tallest waterfall in Oregon.Easily accessible 0.6 mile roundtrip hike. Moss covered paths to massive basalt amphitheater.

The parking area is about 500 feet south of Highway 138 on the right side. The trail crosses Road 37 and climbs 0.33 miles up to the base of the falls. After that the trail continues up the mossy hill on the right leading to a look out point with a wooden bench to rest at before the trek back down.
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