Hawifoss waterfall ,Fossa river ,Iceland

Address -: Hawifoss waterfall ,Fossa river ,Þjórsárdalur valley ,South-Iceland

In South-Iceland on the edge of the highlands one can find the second highest waterfall in Iceland, not counting the waterfalls found in Mosarjokull glacier recently.  This waterfall is called Haifoss waterfall or the Tall Falls.

Haifoss is 122 meters high and is situated in Fossa river, which is a spring water tributary of the glacial river Þjorsa, Iceland's longest river.

From the historical farm Þjooveldisbaerinn Stong, which was destroyed by a volcanic eruption of Hekla in the Middle Ages and reconstructed, it is possible to hike to the waterfall along the Fossá (5 to 6 hours both directions). Above the waterfall, there is also a parking lot, so the hiking can also be made in the other direction.

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