Waterfall Del Sasso, Marche, Italy

Address -: Waterfall Del Sasso ,Cascata del Sasso ,Sant Angelo in Vado / Pesaro-Urbino, Marche, Italy

It is one of the wider block-type waterfalls whereas the vast majority of waterfalls is of the taller, thinner variety. In terms of dimensions, it's said to be around 100m wide and 15m of cumulative height. When view directly, it is certainly one of the more picturesque natural waterfalls in a country where most waterfalls were relatively unknown to begin with.

The waterfall is on the Metauro River near the town of Sant'Angelo in Vado, which is said to start in the long Apennine Mountains then drain out towards the Adriatic Sea. Further to the east is the town of Urbania, and further east of that is the provincial capital of Urbino (part of the joint Pesaro-Urbino Province) in the Marche Region.
Unfortunately, immediately adjacent to the falls was an extensive industrial zone, which is perhaps the most striking thing can be noticed when you go looking for the falls.

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