Vinnufossen Waterfall ,More og Romsdal ,Norway

Address -: Vinnufossen Waterfall , Sunndalsøra ,Sunndal ,Møre og Romsdal county, Norway

Vinnufossen waterfall is located just east of the village of Sunndalsøra in the municipality of Sunndal in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. The falls are part of the river Vinnu which flows down from the Vinnufjellet mountain and it is fed from the Vinnufonna glacier. The falls flow into the river Driva near the village of Hoelsand.
Vinnufossen (or Vinnufjellfossen) is one of the highest waterfalls in the world with a total drop of 860 meter. Often Vinnufossen is ranked as the 6th highest waterfall in the world.
The names Vinnufossen or Vinnufjellfossen is particularly used on the Internet and some maps but locals call the waterfall Vinnu and the upper part (the first single drop) is called Vinnufallet. Vinnufossen is easy to reach and is already visible from a distance driving on road 70, when driving from Sunndalsøra to the east. After 5,5 kilometer from Sunndalsøra you can see Vinnufossen at the left side of the valley. It is possible to park the car somewhere along the road (almost in front there is a parking) or at the small airstrip/airport, near Vinnufossen.
Although Vinnufossen is one of the highest waterfalls in the world, it isn’t the most impressive or most beautiful waterfall.
Vinnufossen isn’t a very powerful waterfall but plunges down from the Vinnufjellet in almost a single drop. Vinnufossen is fed by melted ice from a small glacier (Vinnufonna) with a highest peak of 1.814 meter. The melted water ends in the river Vinnu and slides down to an altitude of 990 meter before it plunges down and finally ends in the river Driva. Even in July you still can see snow at the top of Vinnufossen. Best time to visit Vinnufossen is early summer and summertime when the weather becomes more stable and temperatures are rising.