Upper McCloud Falls ,California ,USA

Address -: Upper McCloud River ,Flower public camp road ,McCloud, California ,USA

A strong case can be made that Upper McCloud Falls is the most unusual of the three falls on the McCloud River. Though not as tall as the Middle Falls, it is considerably higher than the Lower Falls. Like its Lower sibling, Upper Falls is formed where hard volcanic bedrock has had a large bite taken out of it, leaving a deep pool in the resulting cavity. However, unlike Lower Falls, Upper Falls has worn a deep trough through the bedrock precipice. Consequently, the McCloud River shoots through an increasingly deep and narrow chasm before leaping over the cliff. About a third of the way down the river hammers into a large stone bulge and then leaps outward again in a broad sheet before crashing into pool at its base. Although the falls are certainly impressive, it is perhaps more interesting to gaze down at the river as it rockets through the narrow channel just before going over the edge. It is an exciting spectacle to behold.

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