Trentham Falls, Victoria, Australia

Address -: Trentham Falls ,Near Daylesford, Victoria, Australia

Get soaked by the spray from lush Trentham Falls, Victoria's highest single-drop waterfall. Formed some five million years ago by molten lava rapidly cooling as it flowed along the old Coliban River valley, Trentham Falls plunges 32 metres over basalt columns onto the quartz gravel below. Deep in the Wombat State Forest, this moss-covered wonderland is especially magical in winter when every sleek rock and fern frond drips with water.
The Trentham Falls Reserve, located on the Great Dividing Range, protects original vegetation in the area, including manna gum, messmate and narrow-leaved peppermint. Enjoy a picnic by the river – there are plenty of facilities, including picnic tables, barbecues and toilets nearby – or embark on one of the scenic walking tracks in the surrounding forest.
Trentham Falls can be accessed from Trentham Scenic Reserve Road.

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