Toce waterfall ,Formazza VB, Italy

Address -: Toce waterfall ,Località Frua, 28863 Formazza VB, Italy

The Cascata, with its jump of 143m is the highest in Europe; it is fed by the river Toce that is formed in the plain of Riale from the confluence of the streams Hosand, Gries, Rhoni. The history of the Cascata del Toce and its famous hotel is linked to the history of romantic and pioneering alpine exploration begun by De Saussure in 1777 and continued by Reverend Coolidge, the Swiss scholar Gottlier Studer, Arthur Cust, father of ski mountaineering and the Milanese Riccardo Gerla called "the apostle of the Ossola" together with the faithful guide of Antronapiana Lorenzo Marani.
The Toce Waterfall was visited and loved by many famous visitors such as Richard Wagner, Gabriele D'Annunzio, Regina Margherita, King Vittorio Emanuele III, Giosuè Carducci and Abbot Antonio Stoppani who left enthusiastic descriptions of what was already defined the most beautiful waterfall in the Alps. The path that runs along it, of real charm, is a stretch of the Gries mercantile road that has united Milan and Bern for centuries.
On the top, a fantastic observation point is the wooden balcony stretched out above the water jump. The Cascata del Toce, for sensible production needs, is visible in its majesty only for short periods during the year.
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