Toccoa Falls ,Georgia ,USA

Address -: Toccoa Falls ,Toccoa Falls College ,Stephens County ,Georgia ,USA

Toccoa Falls is a waterfall with a vertical drop of 186 feet (57 m), on the campus of Toccoa Falls College in Stephens CountyGeorgiaToccoa was the Cherokee word for "beautiful" and Toccoa Falls is one of the many waterfalls of North Georgia.
A sad tradition is connected with the Falls of Toccoa. A white woman, a prisoner of the Indians, it is said, was compelled by them to betray a party of the whites, who were encamped in the neighborhood. Under pretence of leading them, by a secret path, to a safer position, she led her unsuspecting victims, blindfold, one by one, to the brow of the precipice, and suffered them to walk off the brink.
Another tradition relates, how a fair, innocent boy, a child of the white race, was dashed down the precipice by an Indian, a sacrifice to the demon of revenge in his savage bosom. Probably there is little truth in either tale. It is natural for men to love the embellishment of beautiful scenes with imaginative legends.

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