Svoufossen Waterfall ,More og Romsdalen, Norway

Address -:  Svoufossen Waterfall ,Åmotan ,Jenstad (Gjøra) ,Region More og Romsdalen, Norway

Svoufallet (officially written as Svøufallet) or Svoufossen is an enormous waterfall in the gorge Åmotan and is located near Jenstad (Gjøra) not far from Sunndalsøra in the region More og Romsdalen, Norway.
From Sunndalsøra it is a 33 kilometer drive (on road Rv70) to Gjøra where you have to go right to Åmotan and the campingsite Gjøra (nice camping on a beautiful location). Follow the road past the campingsite and wait until you see a road at the left going up. There is no sign but after 2 kilometer there is a parking (paid) where several trails into Åmotan begins. A brochure with the trails are lying at an information board. But most of the time you can also get the brochure at a camping site or gas station.

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