Spahats Creek Falls,Thompson-Nicola A ,BC, Canada

Address -: Spahats Creek Falls ,Clearwater Valley Rd, Thompson-Nicola A ,British Columbia, Canada

Spahats Creek Falls, also called Spahats Falls, is a waterfall on Spahats Creek within Wells Gray Provincial Park of British Columbia, Canada. Common references place the falls at around 60 m (197 ft) tall, but taking into account the second tier, it is closer to 75–80 meters tall. It is a popular stop for tourists and especially motorcoach tours since it is only 10 km (6.2 mi) off the busy Yellowhead Highway.

Spahats Creek is the first major stream which is crossed along the Clearwater Valley Road in Wells Gray Provincial Park. Like every stream that flows off the Trophy Mountains into the Clearwater River, Spahats Creek intersects the area’s ubiquitous basalt formations and plunges over the rim of the Clearwater Valley. What stands out with Spahats Creek, however, is the sheer size of the canyon the creek has managed to create. As one approaches the falls from the parking lot the creek churns along in a gorge maybe 75 feet deep, but at the falls suddenly and spectacularly expands and deepens to 400 feet in dramatic fashion, with the waters of Spahats Creek pouring out of a keyhole slot in the amphitheater, plunging over an impressive waterfall. The falls stand approximately 240 feet tall, with drops of 40 and 200 feet respectively, but only the 200 foot drop can be seen due to the shape of the gorge.

The canyon itself is the result of glacial meltwaters pouring over the edge of the Clearwater Valley some 11,000 years ago in similar form to what can now be seen at Helmcken Falls further up the valley. As the ice receeded the volume of the stream shrunk and what remains is Spahats Creek descending into a canyon formed by a stream several orders of magnitude larger.

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