Situbo Falls, Tampilisan, Philippines

Address -: Situbo Falls , Situbo Road, Situbo, Tampilisan, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines

One of the province’s most beautiful secret is tucked amid the dense foliage of the town of Tampilisan, a majestic waterfalls on the verge of breaking out – Situbu Falls.
Named after the village’s name, Situbo Falls is located in the small barrio of Santo NiƱo in Barangay Situbo, a towering two-layer cascade, possibly the province’s grandest and highest waterfalls. But despite its beauty and grandeur, the place remains an offbeat destination. In fact, even on a weekend, the chance of owning the place is very likely, thanks to its distance and isolation, its own gift and curse.
Situbo Falls is a drop of approximately 100 feet with cold water emanating from the hinterland of the town of Godod into a deep natural basin that reflects a green color on clear and sunny days, brown and murky on rainy season. 
You can swim in this fall

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