Serio Falls ,Valbondione ,Bergamo, Italy

Address -:  Serio Falls ,Seriana Valley ,Valbondione ,Province of Bergamo, Italy

The Serio Falls are the tallest waterfall in Italy, and one of the major ones in Europe. They are located approximately 100 km from Milan, near the village of Valbondione, in the upper Valle Seriana, Province of Bergamo, Lombardy, Northern Italy.
The falls are composed of three main steps, respectively 166, 74 and 75 metres tall , taken together the falls have a drop of 315 m (more than 1000 ft).
The falls are formed by the Serio River, at a short distance from its source in the Bergamo Alps.
The waterfalls were closed in 1931 when the Barbellino Dam was constructed, forming the reservoir known as the Lago di Barbellino; they were only re-opened in 1969. Since 1969 they have normally been opened four or five days annually, thanks to an agreement between the comune of Valbondione and ENEL, the National Electric Energy Corporation. Between 1975 and 1977 the falls were permanently open due to dam restoration works.
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