Agrio Waterfall, Rio Agrio, Neuquen, Argentina

 Agrio Waterfall (Salto del Agrio), Rio Agrio, Neuquen, Argentina
It is a site of beauty and extremely spectacular. Where the River Agrio is currently flowing, once flowed a river of lava. After its cooling, there was a huge explosion of gas trapped in the basalt that created a kind of natural amphitheater in the rocks cut into a semicircle. The rocks are pure basalt whose color varies according to the minerals they contain and which differ according to the places. The presence of iron creates beautiful red or pink rocks, with variations. They are yellow if they contain sulfurDuring the thaw period (October-December), if the snow has been very abundant, which is common, the stream inflates strongly, and the flow of the fall becomes impressive.
The Salto del Agrio is 35 meters high and is the beginning of a canyon dug by the river in volcanic basalt. It can be observed from a viewpoint located above this canyon. If the sun is present, a beautiful rainbow is created in the mushroom of water spray that forms over the fall and the painting becomes magical. Downstream the waters swirl and smash against the red and yellow rocks of the canyon, then they are lost on the horizon in an impressive crash.

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