Puma waterfall, Rio Fuy, Neltume, Los Lagos ,Chile

Address -: Salto de la Puma or Puma waterfall, Rio Fuy, Neltume, Los Lagos ,Chile

Salto de la Puma (Puma waterfall) is located on Rio fuy river in neltume ,Los Lagos region ,Chile .
This path is along a cliff that overlooks the river Fuy on a petrified lava canyon in the middle of the forest, occupies the place of an old channel through which the lava product of a volcanic eruption. On this trail you can see a great panoramic view of the Huilo Huilo waterfall, which is 37 meters high, and also appreciate its surroundings, which contain an informed route regarding the most attractive flora species of the trail that is el coigue, olivillo , mañío and fauna of the Temperate Humid Forest. To get to the Salto del Puma, the trail goes deeper into the forest where arboreal species can be seen in greater abundance. 
 Puma falls drop measured to be around 35-36 meters tall (110-115 feet) to the pool below, where half of the river’s flow goes into a recirculating "room of doom" on river right.
River rafting can be done on this but it is quite Dangerous due to height and water flow in the falls.

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Location-:(Ruta 203 2) is Salto de la Puma point