Piscia di Gallo ,D368, Zonza, Corsica,France

Address -: Piscia di Gallo ,D368, 20170 San-Gavino-Di-Carbini, Zonza, Corsica,France

With its waterfall spectacular60 meters , the waterfall Piscia di Gallo , located inCorse-du-Sud , only remains the most impressive waterfall of Corsica, and one of the great sights of southern the island.
From Porto-Vecchio, take the D368 in the direction of the West, towards Zonza. At approximately 7 km after the dam of Osp├ędale, at approximately 32 km of Porto-Vecchio, you will find a (paying) parking lot where you can park your vehicle.
You will find so many people in the summer, especially themarked trail is easy to the top of the waterfall .
The bottom of the waterfall has been built with a handrail, which allows to stand in the descent of a fairly steep rocky corridor, and remains accessible with hiking shoes. 
Then, a sign indicates the end of the protected area, because the lowest part , which allows access to the foot of the waterfall, is not arranged . From there, the descent is done at the risk and peril of hikers , on a slippery and wet floor .
It is necessary to be careful, but to go down there to make some photos remains possible.
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