Phoenix Falls ,Deschutes County, Oregon ,USA

Phoenix Falls is located in Deschutes County in Oregon ,USA. This fall is a beautiful fall.
Phoenix Falls was a virtual unknown until exploration of the canyons of the Whychus Creek drainage. While scouting possible routes for hiking in the area, So, upon embarking on the trek, this waterfall became the upstream end of the outing. After crossing through a burned-out area, and following a meandering stream through a narrow canyon, this positively beautiful 120-foot waterfall revealed itself veiling into the canyon in an amphitheater flanked by cliffs on one side, and lengthy talus slopes on the other, with patches of meadows below the falls. To top the scene off, the falls lie right in the middle of an area burnt down by a forest fire. Surprisingly, this doesn't detract from the beauty of the scene at all - rather it adds to it. This is such a great waterfall which in the area is the best one. Fair warning, however; though the cross country travel to the falls is quite easy, you need to make sure you're familiar with your surroundings and orientation, because it is easy to get lost en route to the falls if you don't know your baring.
Phoenix Falls is a veritable diamond in the rough. The wide veiling pattern the water makes cascading over the rugged cliff begs for slow shutter speeds.

Best time to visit -: Spring ,Summer

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