Paddys River Falls ,Burra, New South Wales, Australia

Paddys River Falls Location is 31 Paddys River Falls Rd, Burra NSW 2653, Australia. 
Paddys River Falls is a tourist attraction consisting of a barbecue and picnic area situated above the falls and a staired track to the base of the falls. The falls are 18 metres (60 ft) in height and the water flows over the drop and then continues down Paddys River.

The Paddys River Falls camping ground is very easy to access. The camping 
ground is located approximately 16km south east of Tumbarumba along Tooma
 road, with the Paddys River Falls Road turnoff approximately 14 km from the
 town. The turnoff is well signed. The road into the camping ground is a 2km
 sealed road that can easily be accessed by a two wheel drive and caravan.
The walk to the falls is obviously the highlight of the location. The walk is a short walk and suitable for beginners. Although the campsite doesn't provide many other options for activities, the falls walk certainly makes up for the lack of other options.

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