Omanawa Falls, Omanawa ,Tauranga,New Zealand

Address -:  Omanawa Falls, Omanawa ,Tauranga ,Bay of Plenty region ,New Zealand

Omanawa Falls, in the Bay of Plenty region, is a stunner. It’s also a nightmare to access, which makes even it more of an adventure.
Winding up the Kaimai foothills from Tauranga, you pull into a nondescript parking area on the side of the road – there’s only a small yellow sign showing you’ve come to the right place. A short, easy ten minute walk later you arrive at a viewing point high above the falls.
Because there is a small power station down at the water level (out of the shot above), there is no public access down to the falls.
The watering hole provides for a very refreshing swim (read: absolutely mind-numbingly freezing!) and you can explore the small cave created by the falls. Being surrounded by lush New Zealand bush is so nice, especially on a warm summer’s day.
NOTE: You should not attempt to find your way down to the falls unless you are with someone who knows the way. The terrain is incredibly steep and there is no formed track.
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