Ntumbachushi Falls,Luapula ,Northern Zambia ,Africa

Address -: Ntumbachushi Falls ,Ngona River ,Near Kawambwa ,Luapula Province ,Northern Zambia ,Africa

Ntumbachushi Falls are situated on the Ngona River in Luapula Province, Zambia where it runs over the edge of the northern Zambian plateau into the valley of the Luapula River.
The main falls occur where the river splits into two channels to form two parallel waterfalls each about 10 m wide with a drop of about 30 m, and separated by a distance of 50 m. A small patch of relict rainforest grows in the spray from the falls. During and immediately after the rainy season, November to April, the water coming over the edge may have a depth of up to 1 m, but in the later dry season the flow may reduce to a produce a 'bridalveil' effect.
Ntumbachushi is notable not just for the main falls, however, but for a series of smaller falls and pools stretching for a distance of more than 2 km above the main falls, in a landscape described by many as among the most beautiful in central Africa, with unusual vegetation, rocky outcrops and views over the Luapula valley. The water of the Ngona is filtered by the wetlands (locally called dambos) out of which it drains and is exceptionally clear, affording safe river swimming considered by many visitors to be the best in Zambia.
This very picturesque waterfall was believed to be a sanctuary of spirits while the waters of the Ng’ona River are used for bathing chiefs before they are installed on the throne so as to cleanse them of bad luck and misfortune. Situated between Kazembe and Kawambwa in the Luapula Province. An ideal site for camping.
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