Niagara Fall ,Sainte-Suzanne ,Reunion Island

Address -: Niagara Fall , Sainte-Suzanne , Réunion Island ,Indian Ocean (Near Africa)

Niagara Fall is a waterfall in the commune of Sainte-Suzanne on the island of Réunion. Its height is approximately 55 metres (180 ft).
It is of easy access by car, and its pool is a popular picnic place on weekends and holidays.
The Niagara Waterfall is located one kilometer from downtown Sainte Suzanne , on the bed of the Sainte Suzanne River at an altitude of about 100 meters.
At the foot of the waterfall, a pool allows swimming . Take the usual precautions against the sun, hydrocution, etc. and be careful (see, do not bathe) in case of high flow.
The site also allows for climbing and via ferrata on the side of Niagara Falls.
Finally, the waterfall and the banks of the Ste-Suzanne River are rather nice for a good picnic. Note that on the side of the cliff, the shade can be scarce depending on the time (especially in the middle / late morning) and that the side of the river, it is quite possible that mosquitoes spoil your moment of pleasure (plan the necessary in case). In short, if you want to be relatively quiet and in the shade, avoid Sunday.
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