Mystic Falls ,Costa Rica

Address -: Mystic Falls (Llanos de Cortez Waterfall),Between Liberia and Bagaces ,Guanacaste Province ,Costa Rica

Mystic Falls (Llanos de Cortez Waterfall also known as Catarata falls .Conveniently located right off the busy Interamericana Highway is the stunning Llanos de Cortez. This wide waterfall is an oasis in the middle of the arid forests of Guanacaste Province. Guanacaste receives the least rain in Costa Rica so waterfalls are less plentiful in this region and the ones that do exist sometimes run dry. This is not the case at Llanos de Cortez, which was flowing with wispy streams of water even on our visit at the end of the dry season. Llanos de Cortez is a nice place to stop for a couple of hours en route to the beaches of Guanacaste and is also a good place to pack a lunch and spend the day at the small sandy beach. Swimming in the calm pool is highly recommended.

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