Mumbuluma Falls,Luapula Province ,Mansa,Zambia,Africa

Mumbuluma Falls is a set of waterfalls just outside Mansa, Zambia in the Luapula Province. The waterfalls are a national monument of Zambia.
Mumbuluma Falls is made up of two waterfalls occurring in succession, an upper and lower falls.
Mumbuluma Falls, situated 33km from Mansa town, cascades down in two steps on the Mumbuluma River. The temple for the protective spirits, Makumba and his sister Ngosa, are situated some distance south of the Falls. The temple has a sacred fire which never goes out and is tended by the priests. According to legend, Makumba and Ngosa fell from the sky.
Under the waterfalls you can swim without problems in a small lake surrounded by dense green forests. The waterfalls are not on the main tourist routes. It is quiet here despite being a national monument. If you visit this waterfall then you are probably alone.
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