Yucuma Falls ,Misiones ,Argentina

Address -: Mocona Falls (Yucumã Falls) ,Uruguay river ,Misiones ,Argentina ( Border of Argentina and Brazil)

Mocona does not follow the normal downward and forward trajectory that most waterfalls do. Instead, it runs along the length of the river with water spilling off the side into a gorge. At 3 km long, it is perhaps the only waterfalls in the world to run parallel to the river rather than perpendicular.
Mocona Falls, also known as Yucuma Falls, is located in the Uruguay river, in the province of Misiones, in Argentina, 337 kilometers from the city of Posadas and 322 kilometers from Iguazu Falls. Since the Uruguay river acts as a natural border between Argentina and Brazil, this unique geological feature is shared by both countries. The name Moconá means “to swallow everything” in the Guarani language and is used mostly in Argentina. Yucuma means “the big fall” and is popular in Brazil.

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