Millaa Millaa Falls ,Queensland, Australia

Address -: Millaa Millaa Falls ,Millaa Millaa Falls Park ,Theresa Creek Road ,Millaa Millaa, Tablelands Region, Queensland, Australia

Millaa Millaa Falls is a heritage-listed plunge waterfall at Theresa Creek Road, Millaa Millaa, Tablelands Region, Queensland, Australia. It was added to the Queensland Heritage Register on 5 December 2005.Milla Milla Falls
The falls are adjacent to the town of Millaa Millaa on the Atherton Tableland. 'Millaa Millaa' is a MaMu Aboriginal phrase referring to the rainforest vine Elaeagnus Triflora whose fruit appears from May to February. A popular destination of international tour operators, the falls are 18.3 metres high with a pool suitable for swimming at their base. The Millaa Millaa Falls are accessed by sealed road off the Palmerston Highway about 5 minutes from the township of Millaa Millaa.
You can swim in this fall.

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