Marleshwar Waterfall,Sangameshwar, Maharashtra ,India

Address -: Marleshwar Waterfall ,Bav River , Sangameshwar ,Ratnagiri district  ,Maharashtra ,India

Marleshwar is a place in Sangameshwar subdivision of Ratnagiri district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Marleshwar is known for the Cave Shiva Temple, where devotees handle venomous snakes: every year thousands of devotees visit the temple and perform ablutions in the nearby Bav river.Dhareshwar is a waterfall on the Bav river which is another tourist attraction of Marleshwar. The Waterfalls at Marleshwar lies in Ratnagiri district near Sangameshwar in the state of Maharashtra. The word Marleshwar has been derived from the name of the cave in the same name dedicated to Lord Shiva. It could also have been derived from the name of the village nearby known as Maral. Marleshwar literally means ’’God of Marle village’
Maraleshwar has also been likened to a peacock whose feathers when extended, look like a bird with a thousand eyes. In Marleshwar, there are 30 small waterfalls that sprout out and is such a magnificent sight during the monsoons. This phenomenon in nature is situated in the Sahyadiri range 
On the day of 'Makarsankranti' a celebration of the marriage of Marleshwar and Girijadevi takes place.On 'Mahashivratri' and 'Tripuri Poornima' there is a fair. Marleshwar name may have come from Maral village .
Best time to visit -: Rainy Season
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