Mardalsfossen Waterfall ,Nesset, Eikesdal ,Norway

Address -: Mardalsfossen Waterfall , Nesset ,Møre og Romsdal county,  6472 Eikesdal ,Norway

Mardalsfossen is one of the ten highest waterfalls in Europe. It is located in the municipality of Nesset in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. The falls are on the Mardøla river which flows out of a hanging valley into the lake Eikesdalsvatnet, about 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) northwest of the village of Eikesdalen. The waterfall is depicted in Nesset's coat-of-arms.
The total fall is 705 metres (2,313 ft) according to SSB, 657 metres (2,156 ft) according to World Waterfall Database (WWD). WWD reports that the SSB typically includes the head measurement for waterfalls that are situated within a hydroelectric system, resulting in a greater height estimate. Mardalsfossen is a tiered waterfall consisting of two large drops and several smaller ones lower down. It is on average 24 metres (79 ft) wide. The highest vertical drop is one of the tallest in Norway. As with figures for the total height, discrepancies have been reported in the estimated height of each vertical drop. According to the SSB, the upper vertical drop is 358 metres (1,175 ft), while the WWD surveyed it as 296 metres (971 ft).
every year during the period 20 June to 20 August the floodgates are opened and you can see the waterfall again.
Follow RV660 from Eidsvåg / Eresfjord to Eikesdal along the beautiful Eikesdalsvatnet. Road (toll road) from the valley to the west of Eikesdalsvatnet. Stop at the parking in Mardalen. Marked trail from there up to Mardalsfossen. The hike to the falls is about. 2 km, and it takes 45 minutes to walk the trail up there. You can go right up to the waterfall, but it's wet and rushing there, so it is recommended that you bring rain gear. Eikesdal Bygdalag have a small house there, with a guest book in which you are encouraged sign into.

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