Lower McCloud Falls, California ,USA

Address -: Lower McCloud Falls ,Lower McCloud River ,Flower public camp road ,McCloud, California ,USA 

Most people who hike the McCloud River Falls Trail begin the trip at the picnic area just below Lower Falls. There is a great vista of the falls from the picnic area. The smallest and most subtle of the three falls, Lower Falls is perhaps the most enjoyed of the trio of McCloud Cataracts. Above the falls the McCloud River flows for a short distance through exposed volcanic bedrock. It appears as though a giant bite was taken out of the bedrock, causing the river to thunder down into the resulting cavity. The hardened bedrock that lines the rim above the falls offers warm places to stretch out and soak up the sun after folks have taken a leap into the deep, roiling pool at the base of the falls. The proximity to the picnic area means that these features are easily accessed and often enjoyed. For those fortunate enough to view the falls during the rush of high water during the spring thaw, Lower Falls changes its demeanor, widening its channel considerably and pouring over a significant amount of the bedrock rim above the pool.

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