Leavitt Falls , Sierra Nevada ,Mono County, California

Leavitt Falls is a 200-foot (61 m), multi-tiered waterfall in the Sierra Nevada of Mono County, California. The falls are located on Leavitt Creek, a tributary of the West Walker River, and are formed where the creek drops off the edge of a hanging valley into Leavitt Meadow.
A turnout on Highway 108 provides a view of the falls and meadow. The falls themselves are not accessible by trail, as they are located in a steep narrow box canyon. The waterfall and other nearby features are named for Hiram Leavitt, an early settler in Mono County.
Park the car, get out a picnic and overlook Leavitt Meadows and the dramatic 300-foot falls from this vista deep in the high Sierra landscape. Leavitt Falls Vista is a turnout off Highway 108 (Sonora Pass Road). Picnic tables are provided. Between Bridgeport and Walker, Ca., turn off Highway 395 and drive 8.8 miles west. Accessible June through September, conditions permitting.

Best time to visit -: June - September

Location -: