Las Brisas Waterfall ,Cuetzalan,Puebla, Mexico

Address -: Las Brisas Waterfall ,Cuetzalan, State of Puebla, Mexico

It is one of the most representative waterfalls of Cuetzalan for several reasons, it has the ideal shape and conditions to be enjoyed as a family , its fall is beautiful that forms a pool in which its spectators can swim at ease, access to the waterfall has had different Improvements and now there are hydraulic concrete steps that lead to your meeting, of all the attractions the Las Brisas Waterfall is the most accessible, after the waterfall of the Hammocks and the Adventure Grottos. The arrival to the waterfall is approximately 20 minutes from the center of Cuetzalan.
The Cascade with the easiest access is Las Brisas, with its 20 meters high. It stands in the middle of a large natural amphitheater, with forests of pines, plane trees, ferns, xonotes, chalahuites, orchids and many more plants and trees.

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