Langfossen Waterfall ,Etne ,Hordaland, Norway

Address -: Langfossen Waterfall ,Etne ,Hordaland county,  Norway

Langfossen is a waterfall located in the municipality        of Etne in Hordaland county, Norway. The waterfall is located about 5 km (3.1 mi) southwest of the village of Fjæra. The water falls down a towering mountain, a total distance of about 612 metres (2,008 ft) before the water leaps out into Åkrafjorden at the base of the mountain. European route E134 runs along the base of the waterfall, making access very easy.
It also leads up a trail marked by a red "T" to the plateau. However, this is very rocky, which is why appropriate footwear is mandatory. The walking time for the round trip is given as five hours. Less experienced hikers should plan more time.The Langfoss can be reached via the E134 from Haugesund . Coming from the direction of Odda, follow the Rv13 until the turnoff to the E134. Now follow the European road for about 17km and then reach the Langfoss.