Laja Falls ,Los Angeles ,Cabrero ,Biobio ,Chile

Address -: Laja Falls or Salto del Laja ,Los Angeles ,Cabrero ,Biobio ,Southcentral Chile 

Los Saltos Del Laja or Salto del Laja , are four waterfalls of the La Laja River , located in the Biobío Region ( Chile ). It is located 25 km north of the city of Los Angeles , this being the limit with the municipality of Cabrero .
Waterfall is a spectacular cascade formed by the abundant waters of the Laja River. The river flows into a deep rocky canyon that has been drilled into by these raging rapids. It is said that this was a cult place where the old Mapuches would come and meditate, while the younger men should go through passing rites. During the Spanish colonization this was a battle area and a natural limit.
Above the waterfalls the river is calm and very low, being able to be emptied easily, and downstream it is reduced to a deep and narrow canyon that remains until the town of La Aguada of the Commune of Yumbel. From there it crosses another 29 km before contributing its waters to the Biobío river .
The surrounding flora is constituted by vegetation of native species of boldo , hawthorn , maiten, peumo, corcolén, quillay , liter , myrtle , fernnalca , willows and alders .
Los Saltos del Laja is one of the great tourist attractions for travelers in southern Chile.
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